The Thorn in the Heart

Posted on Tuesday, 11th January, 2011

Michel Gondry is one of a few Directors I hugely admire, I saw this documentary of his at the GFT in Glasgow the other day and am just mulling it over…

It’s really beautiful, not necessarily in a cinematographic way but in a very human way. Gondry included a few wee stop frame animations of the kind that he’s well known for but apart from that it’s a very simple documentary focusing on the nuances and often difficult dynamics of family relationships. I loved how he purposefully kept in obvious errors, like the boom in shot or someone in the way of the camera, or his deaf aunt not hearing her queue to open the door and make her entrance but I think maybe I only loved it because I already know what a slick, fantastic filmmaker he is and that they were concious decisions and so it becomes really funny and endearing, and smart.

It reiterated for me something I’ve thought for a long time, that you could make a fascinating documentary about anyone in the world, all you need to do is find their story.

Topic: The Moving Image


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