Steam of Life

Posted on Monday, 21st February, 2011

I’d been hoping I’d be able to see this Finnish documentary since watching the trailer online last year and thankfully, it’s being screened as part of the Glasgow Film Festival this year.

What a wonderful film. So simple and so complex at the same time. My only criticism would be that sometimes I felt I wasn’t given enough time to get to know the individual characters but it’s a minor gripe in what is a magically human jigsaw of reflexion, shot with real tenderness for its subjects.  Being half-Finnish, I loved seeing the picturesque lakes and forests on film that made me think of childhood summers, there’s some kind of beautiful melancholy about them… but more than anything it really made me want to go to sauna!

I laughed, I cried, it touched my heart and my soul, what more could you ask for?

Topic: The Moving Image


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