Presunto Culpable

Posted on Monday, 10th January, 2011

I saw this documentary twice last year, the first time I happened to catch it on TV having heard nothing about it and the second time was as part of Document 8 in Glasgow. Both times I was overwhelmed by sadness, anger and extreme frustration but at the end of the day, a wee flicker of hope won out. I won’t give the ending away of course as it’s not out in Mexico yet but I absolutely recommend it to everyone.

Having lived in Mexico, and loving it and the people as I do, it was heartbreaking and unbelievable to witness the absolute imbecility of some people and the effects their actions, coupled with the legal system, can have on the lives of innocent people. I’ve always been aware of the corruption there, you can see it on a daily basis and like it or not, you can often use this to your advantage. But when corruption is so ingrained in a society, on every level, I can’t imagine what it will take for that to change.

On another note, really interesting that this film initially started out as two lawyers documenting a legal process in the hope it would help the case, rather than having the objective of making a film from the outset. It’s definitely content rather than aestheticaly led but it’s a great piece of emotive filmmaking.

Check out the Presunto Culpable website too.

A film by Roberto Hernández & Layda Negrete.
Directed by Roberto Hernández & Geoffrey Smith.
Produced by Roberto Hernández, Layda Negrete, Martha Sosa & Yissel Ibarra

Topic: The Moving Image


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