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Posted on Saturday, 8th September, 2012

IMPACT, University of Edinburgh  yuigycAs part of the Speed of Light commission, I’ve had the pleasure to cross paths and work with a huge variety of smart, talented folk.

Dr Trudi Gillespie at IMPACT (Image Analysis, Multifoton and Confocal Technologies) at the University of Edinburgh has been super helpful in sourcing and getting permission for me to use a whole bunch of amazing microscopic timelapse imagery which I’ve incorporated into the film.  It was totally fascinating to learn a bit about the work that goes on there – here are a a couple of pics of the mega Confocal Scanning Microscope with Zeiss LSM 510 lens and one of Trudi hard at work collecting scientific research in the name of art 🙂

IMPACT, University of Edinburgh

IMPACT, University of Edinburgh
I’m also working with an extremely talented sound designer in Mexico City, Pedro ‘Zulu’ Gonzalez, who’s putting together all the audio I’ve recorded and turning it into something magical as I write… very exciting!  Zulu came highly recommended by my great pal and fellow Visual Artist and Filmmaker, Paulina del Paso as he’s worked on the sound for many of her projects including her first full-length documentary feature film, La Guerrera.

Zulu - sound designer

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