Super Sunday

Posted on Friday, 29th June, 2012

Last Sunday was NVA‘s third Super Sunday training for all the Speed of Light Run Leaders as well as a few hundred of the thousands of participating runners.  Inevitably, there was a pretty broad range of abilities but the most important thing was the enthusiasm for the project and how cool everyone looked in their hi-tech light suits!  I must admit, I quite fancied testing one out myself but my time will come…

I spent the afternoon mainly just observing the goings-ons and then when dusk fell, I couldn’t help but be seduced into getting some long exposure night shots of the suits in action.  If only we could change the shutter speed on our eyes to see the tracers without a camera!

The project is of such an epic scale but at the same time, at the core is something really quite elementary.  Humans have of course been physically moving through the landscape since time eternal but it’s perhaps something few of us stop to think about these days.  With the encroaching digital landscape all around, it seems a pertinent moment to remind ourselves that despite the awe-inspiring nature of virtual technology, there can really never be a substitute for the real thing.  It’s these kinds of thoughts that are fuelling my ideas for the commission, watch this space…


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