It was worth it but never again…

Posted on Saturday, 1st September, 2012

Steadicam - Ben LomondI don’t think I’ve ever pushed myself so hard physically in my life or ever been so exhausted as a result.

I had the Steadicam hired for two weeks and during that time did six full days filming in the hills – first of all in the Pentlands and then up behind Dumgoyne just to the north of Glasgow and then the biggie – Ben Lomond.  After filming in the Pentlands on my tod, I realised there was no way I could manage Ben Lomond carrying everything on my own so my Dad very kindly offered to be my sidekick which was amazing, thanks Dad 🙂

What is normally well under a 2 hour run up and down turned out to be a 7 hour epic with all the gear.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful though and the fish supper afterwards was just what the doctor ordered.

Steadicam - Ben Lomond

Steadicam - Ben Lomond

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  1. Proud of you kat!! Must feel good to have finished it- now for some relaxation!! M xx

  2. I love that picture with the heather in the background! Human and machine in perfect symbiosis. You make it look effortless!!

  3. A total mesmerising experience to watch, so beautiful …well done Kat mega proud of you – if only I was there to give you and your pa a shiatsu afterwards!

  4. Great film. We enjoyed it! M R S

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