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Posted on Monday, 29th July, 2013

Just about finished the install for my exhibition in the Edinburgh Art Festival which opens this Friday the 2nd!  I’ll be showing a new and improved version of An Equilibrium Not of this World which was commissioned by NVA last year in response to their Speed of Light project.

Once again, I employed the genius talents of Rory Watson from We Enjoy Sound to help me sort out all the techy stuff – in particular the nuances of creating an immersive 5.1 surround sound experience – very exciting 🙂  We’re definitely getting more efficient each time we work together, mainly thanks to Rory’s amazing prep work, we’ve cut down what used to be about 5 days work into just 2 – here’s some behind the scenes pics…


Studio C4 at Edinburgh College of Art = the empty shell


Projection screen framework

Skinned screens!

Skinned screens!


Lots of stuff


Figuring out the 5.1 part A


Figuring out the 5.1 part B



Almost there…


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