Magic moves in Coyoacán

Posted on Sunday, 19th June, 2011

Coyoacán, in the south of Mexico City, is a perfect Sunday afternoon destination.  After indulging in one of my favourite breakfasts of all time, chilaquiles, I took a wander over to Calle Londres 247 to visit Frida Kahlo’s blue house for the umpteenth time.  I love it there, even if it is overrun with visitors on weekends.  I’m not a big fan of painting (sweeping statement I know) but I can’t escape the magic, tragedy and romance of Frida’s work and life story, she’s definitely a hero of mine.  I remember the first time I saw this painting at the blue house I was so moved by the fact she did it in 1954, the same year she died.  Viva La Vida.

Viva la Vida
On the way to get an ice-cream, I passed a group of people partaking in some Sunday dancing in one of the plazas – this is the kind of thing I love about Mexico – and one old guy in particular caught my attention… what a mover!  I couldn’t believe it when he put his walking sticks to one side and hit the dancefloor! Not long after I stopped filming him, he beckoned me over to dance and to my shame I politely declined – no way I could’ve kept up!  Some folk have just got it.

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