Shootout: from social documentary to storytelling in contemporary moving image

Posted on Friday 1st April, 2011

ShootoutA symposium that explores how artists make stories and scenarios that help us understand the complexity of our globalized societies.

Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Scotland
Saturday 16th April, 2011, 2-4pm


Dr Dominic Paterson(Chair), lecturer art history, Glasgow Uni, freelance writer & critic;
Kirsten Lloyd, associate curator, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh;
Paco Barragán, Curator and Associate Editor ARTPULSE (USA);
Doug Aubrey, filmmaker, Autonomi, Glasgow;
Michele Robecchi, writer & editor at Phaidon Press, London;
Stina Wirfelt, visual artist & filmmaker, Glasgow;
Katri Walker, visual artist & filmmaker, Glasgow.

Presented in parallel with StillsSocial Documents programme, a three-year programme of exhibitions, screenings, workshops and talks exploring artists’ engagement with documentary processes and formats.


What does it mean when artists depart from existing social realities to generate a work of art?

And what does it mean when artists fictionalize existing social realities to generate a work of art?

Contemporary visual arts, and in particularly moving image, has moved today from the more traditional sphere of social documentary into the realms of fictionalized documentary and storytelling in order to achieve a more convincing and stronger connection to reality.

Between the documentation of the real and the ‘fictionalization of reality’ contemporary visual artists find exciting perspectives that enable them to challenge contemporary society and its foundations in search of a more apprehensible and bearable truth.