The Press & Journal: North-east cowboys star in wild west film

Posted on Tuesday 7th December, 2010

Press & Journal: North-east cowboys star in wild west film
The Press & Journal
August 2010

Visual Artist makes film about the making of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-inspired movie

North-east cowboys are to star in a documentary about the American Wild West.

Artist Katri Walker visited Tranquility, near Huntly, as part of her Peacock Visual Arts funded project which aims to explore the “mythologyand metamorphosis of the wild west”.  She filmed members of the replica town shooting their own film based on the epic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Glasgow-based visual artist said” “The project is about the journey from the origins of cowboys, which is a mix of influences from Scotland, Ireland and England during mass emigration to the States. That, combined with Mexican influences, culminated in the real cowboy – which was exported back to the rest of the world via Hollywood.

“They (the members of Tranquility) were making their own film so i was making a making-of-film.

Alistair baranowski, 56, who founded the town at Forgue – it now boasts a saloon, bank, general store, carpenters and undertakers, telegraph office, marshall’s office and jail, as well as a cemetery and a corral for horses – is looking forward to seeing the results. Ms Walker will exhibit her work at Peacock in Aberdeen next year.