Metro: Katri Walker & Dani Marti

Posted on Monday 21st April, 2008

by Martin Vincent
Monday 21st April, 2008

This is an exciting space to go into, diving off Saltmarket through a thick curtain into a black maze of rooms with an array of videos, filled with tales from distant lands.

Walker presents a five-monitor portrait of ‘Catalina‘, a Mexican woman whose vocation is to mourn for the dead in long vigils next to the laid-out deceased.  each screen reveals a different aspect of her life: getting married, going to a baseball match, talking of her experiences.  It’s somewhere between TV documentary and those artists who train an unwavering lens on an unwary eccentric, yet far more considerate than either.  Walker’s other Central American subjects (such as Celestino, pictured) are as engaging.

Marti moves in a more personal and intimate direction.  With three friends he records a camping trip to the Australian outback.  In an isolating and internalising sojourn the group of middle-aged men discuss their lives and how they govern them, revealing far too much in what they enphasise and what they downplay.  It’s like Big Brother but with people who are not there because they want to be on the cover of trashy magazines.

This absorbing environment takes you out of your own life.  And once you’re back on the streets, it alerts you to the countless stories that await you.