An Equilibrium Not of this World @ Edinburgh Art Festival

Posted on Monday 29th July, 2013

Scottish artist Katri Walker is attracting increasing attention for her multi channel audio-visual installations which are equally at home in the worlds of contemporary art, portraiture and documentary film-making. North West, presented by Peacock Visual Arts at the 2011 Edinburgh Art Festival drew on the landscape of Assynt, Sutherland and its close geological connection to Monument Valley, to explore a rich history of cross-pollination between Scottish and American culture.

Her newest work, jointly commissioned by NVA and Edinburgh Art Festival, continues to use the Scottish landscape as a medium to explore wider concerns. An Equilibrium Not of this World was commissioned in association with NVA’s extraordinary Speed of Light project, and draws on running and specifically hill-running to reflect on man’s complex and highly intimate connection to the land.

The work takes its title from acclaimed geographer, Yi-Fu Tuan, a pioneer in the field of ‘humanist’ geography, who married conventional geography with philosophy, art, psychology and religion, to explore how human’s relate to and perceive the space around them.

Walker’s dual projection with surround sound conveys an intensely symbiotic relationship between man and the environment, in which the body reveals in its interior all the familiar features of a landscape, and external landscape is transformed into interior experience. The work establishes a strong visual conversation between the internal and external, counterposing extraordinary microscopic timelapse sequences of the interior workings of the body, with views of the Scottish landscape as experienced by a hill-runner. It is a formal conceit through which an interior view of arteries can equally be read as the branches of a bush quivering in the wind; a respiration graph becomes an abstract mountain landscape.

This work shall be in Studio C3, off the Sculpture Court in Edinburgh College of Art’s main building.

1st August – 1st September 2013
Mon-Sun, 10am-5pm
Free admission

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