The City is the Film

Spec & Synopsis

Date: 2010

Format: Single-screen HDV
Duration: 14.30 minutes

Almost everything comes to us through some media prism, which, in turn, colours not just our view of this life, but our own self-definition. The City is the Film takes its title from a line in A City, a poem by the late Edwin Morgan, and uses it to build an alternative, intimate, collaged portrait of Glasgow and its diverse inhabitants.

Each of the 55 people within the film comes from, is descended from, or has lived in one of the 71 different competing countries or territories that will be represented at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. As each voice transforms the words of the poem, each individual takes ownership of the place they now call home while simultaneously questioning the ability of film itself to convey the truth of a place.

The City is the Film was one of 6 Walls of Light artist films commissioned by the CCA, Glasgow and Creative Scotland to celebrate the handover of the Commonwealth Games from Delhi to Glasgow, in October 2010.